Bridging the gap between Learning Sciences and Classroom Practices.

Using Cognitive Learning Sciences to Maximise Student Outcomes.

Our Services

On-site training & coaching tailored to the requirements of your school. 

An Introduction to understanding the science of how we learn and its application in classroom practice.

A professional development program introducing teachers to the Science of Reading (SoR).

Review panellist, Michael Roberts has created a school framework to review current school practices and create a plan aligned to both the Gonski review and the National School Improvement Tool.

Online Coaching supports teachers to modify instructional delivery to improve student outcomes based on data analysis.

We highly recommend Direct Instruction programs for students to achieve mastery in literacy and numeracy fundamentals.

We can tailor specific training or focused coaching in explicit instruction if required.

Packages can be on-site or remote or blended according to needs.

Our Network

The following schools are demonstrating a commitment to evidence based practice and are well worth contacting. We work with some of these schools and some of them have been a great source of knowledge for us!

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